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You Deserve Rest.

It’s not because

You worked hard,

Or journeyed far,

Or checked off your list,

Or finished,

Or broke a sweat,

Or made the grade,

Or stayed up late.

You deserve rest.


No need for a

Signed excuse form

Or performance evaluation.

You deserve rest.

Even flowers close up

For the night or

Take a winter break.

I used to think

Sleep = Rest


It’s only one kind.

I used to think

The other selections

Meant “lazy”

Or “waste of time.”

Rest is many things

And waste of time is not one.

You deserve the


The falling rain

The smell of shampoo

The coffe steam

The wool socks

The needle and tread

The reading light

The burbling brook

The smile in their eyes

The window view

The deep, full breath

Of fresh air

Again & again & again


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