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Hi, friend!

I'm Catherine L. Haws, an author from central Ohio who believes wonderful stories come from full-of-wonder living.
With this in mind I've studied inside of a shrubbery, hillbilly tiki torch jousted, and accidentally attended an Olympic Skiing event on the wrong day. (It's a long story, I'll have to tell you sometime!)


The Book

More of a cheesemonger than a warmonger, Reggie never imagines leaving the Kingdom until the swashbuckling Princess Chelseanna has other plans. Can Reggie claim victory over marauding mermaids, gregarious griffins, and woebegone warriors, or will he bumble into buffoonery and fail the Princess? 

If you never try, will you be sad_

Words You Need to Hear

The Words You Need to Hear collection began as a way to encourage others with my little red typewriter on Instagram.
Friends submit kind words, and I type them on halved 3x5 cards and use some as poetry prompts.
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