More of a cheesemonger than a warmonger, Reggie never imagines leaving the Kingdom until the swashbuckling Princess Chelseanna has other plans. Can Reggie claim victory over marauding mermaids, gregarious griffins, and woebegone warriors, or will he bumble into buffoonery and fail the Princess? 


Adam, Lulu Reviewer

This is a delightful tale with lots of surprising and amusing twists. I read it to my 5 and 4 year old, and it held their attention (pirates and mermaids and dragons, oh my!) But the wide vocabulary probably aims it best for middle grades. Can't wait to read more from this author!

An Amazon Reviewer

This book is the whole package! Engaging characters, witty dialogue, and eyebrow-raising plot all work together to make this an easy read. There's no confusion here-it's simple and kid-friendly but meaningful, as promised. The best parts are the unexpected moments of laughter, the heartfelt character growth, and the sweet interaction between vivid writing and imaginative illustrations. Grown-ups: take a little time and read this before passing it on to kiddos or read it with them. It's worth it!

Shaina, Goodreads Reviewer

My 9-year-old brother and I read this together and it’s hard to say which of us enjoyed it more. The zany adventures of Reggie and the princess were a delight.

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