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  • Writer's pictureCatherine L. Haws

Kingsfoil in Cornwall

He lingered,

in his quiet way,

to tell those of us

along the path behind

about a treacherous crossing

“You can wade through mud

or brave the nettles.”

He said.

Unsteadily, our company

tread, some with more more

gusto than caution,

across the perilous path.

He came at the ready

with leaves of plantain,

that grow in tandem with nettles,

our Aragorn with Kingsfoil.

Biting the bitter herb

on our behalf

he bent and bathed

afflicted feet in healing balm.

And just like that

the moment passed.

Our fellowship continued

walking the Coastal Path

now unafraid of nettles,

knowing bane and balm

grow together.


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