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It's Okay to Feel Sad

Hi God,

Can I just say

I’m not happy with life right now.

Nothing against you!

Thanks for getting me up this morning

And for trees and stuff,

But if I’m being honest

They’re not making me feel

Any better today.

Is that bad?

Am I supposed to be happy all the time?


No, I guess not.

Cuz you aren’t either.

So, you know how I feel!

Yikes, sorry you feel like this too.

It’s not fun, is it?

Why didn’t you make it so it could be

Nice all the time?


I guess you did.

Sorry for messing that up.

It wasn’t be exactly,

But I’ve inherited the habit.

Why do you listen

When I talk to you like this?


I guess at least we’re talking.

Sorry I haven’t written lately.

Some of my favorite Psalms

Are the mopey ones,

Because they let me know

Even kings you were chummy with

Had depressed days too.

That makes me feel better.


I guess I don’t have to be happy

To feel better.


Talk to you soon.


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