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The Hobbit - My Old Friend

Some stories are worth returning to time and time again.

Like an old friend recalling memories.

“Remember when Ben was reading me aloud while you walked on the treadmill, and when you got to the part about golf being invented, you howled with laughter?”

“Remember the other time when you saw my 1977 animated movie and freaked out at the goblins?”

“Remember dressing up, going to a midnight premier, and winning a poster that you hung on the wall?”

“Remember reuniting in college at Dr. Brown’s class?”

“Remember that fan-edit version of the movies that cut out Tauriel and you loved it?”

And now:

“I’ll always remember curling up with the big blue blanket as you skimmed the words, poured over the illustrations, listened to Andy Serkis read, and you planted little flags to mark spots to write down in your little journal of quotes.”


Thanks, little friend. It’s been a pleasure as always.

Until our paths meet again 💚


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