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You Are So Worth Loving

Dear One,

You’re a hypocrite.

Take a breath, don’t sue,

I’m a hypocrite too, and I think we mean well.

We see the value of our friends

Like relics behind museum glass.

We speak our love to them in

Memes and messages with smiles,

And we will go out of our way,

By car or plane or train,

To be present with them.

By this we tell them

They are worth loving.

What hypocrites we are.

When we see ourselves in glass,

We cringe.

We speak degrading insults with smears,

And we go out of our way

To keep busy and distracted

To avoid being present.

Dear One, you’re a gift.

You are so worth loving.

Be friendly to yourself for a change.

You are worth it.


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