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You Don't Have to do what Others are Doing

In “Little Women” it was


In the 50’s it was

Silly Putty.

Do you remember

Silly Bandz?


Fidget Spinners?

Checkered Vans?

How funny we little humans are!

We think that if we invest

In what’s popular

We will be popular

Which is another way of saying,

“We are lonely, scared, and self conscious

Hungry for love and acceptance.”

Didn’t know Silly Bandz

Cut that deep, did ya?

If that way of life is like

A narrow, switchback road

On the edge of a cliff,

I want to let you know

You can hike instead.

Or hang glide, or yodel,

Or forget the mountain altogether

And build castles at the beach!

You’re not stuck

On the mountain road tour bus

Just because it’s full.

You don’t have to do

What others are doing.


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