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You Matter

You carry a question

In the back pocket

Of your mind,

And if you

Sit still long enough

It makes you uncomfortable:

“Do I matter?”

The more you burry it

Deep in the pocket,

The more it comes out

With your dirty laundry

Gathering lint

And more questions.

Maybe you expect me

To be the one

To give you the green light

And present a power point

Of your redeeming qualities

With a 5-year

Action plan for you

To follow to the T.

I’m not the one

To set you free

And give you answers,

But I will say:

You matter to me.

I’m not even

The most important

Person in your life.

Just imagine how much

You matter to them!

And how about you?

When’s the last time

You look at a picture

Of your little self

And said,

“You matter

To me.”


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